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  1. Post

    For 50 quarter pound burgers with fries, we would charge $305. Let us know if you would like cheese on some or all of them (for an additional charge).

    If you decide to have us do this we would also love to know the date and time in advance.

    Thanks for choosing Hatfields!

  2. Emilee Waite

    Absolutely love the catfish!!! We are always looking for local restaurants we can try and support. This one is at the top of my list with Sushi Train. My husband had the ribs and he said they beat Wing Runs BBQ. The service is outstanding, the owners are very sweet and a joy to talk to.

    Looking for a great place to eat away from the giant chain restaurants, gotta try this one. Also check out the pictures on the wall, Garth Brooks like the restaurant too.

    Catfish is only Friday and Saturday!!

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